studio bring me to know KEDAH!!

STUDIO PROJECT!! i choose my site at Kg tepi sungai kota kuala muda kedah..
 woahhhh!! kedah?? hehe my first time to be there...spent the whole day to know the villagers

Kedah, also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Aman (Abode of Peace) is situated in the North-Western part of Peninsular Malaysia. Kedah shares boundaries with Perlis to the North, Perak to the South, and Penang to the SouthWest. It also shares international boundaries with Thailand.The capital and royal seat of Kedah is Alor Setar. It is also the government administration and commercial centre.

Traditionally, Kedah is known as "The Rice Bowl of Malaysia". This is due to the fact that Kedah is a rice depot where more than half of the rice in Malaysia is produced. When you're here in Kedah, you would definitely be fascinated by the vast seas of paddy fields, the lush green tropical rain forests and the amazing scenic mountains.

"To be truly Fascinated by the Amazingly Beautiful Kedah Attractions,
You've got to come here and see it for yourself!"
 here are some pictures........




Act i can talk...but how to present it to others with all the sort of info...
so debate make me sharpen my skill
even my group not a winner

ENJOY photo for the day


 debate is a contest, or, perhaps, like a game, where two or more speakers present their arguments intent on persuading one another. Men have been debating with one another since the beginning of time when the serpent first debated with Eve the benefits of eating certain fruits in the Garden. We shall limit ourselves here with discussing formal contest debating between educational institutions, or, in the world of homeschooling, between families that choose to bypass educational institutions and educate their children at home.

Amirul presenting their point!!!!

Audition...focus on the presentor....

CONGRATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Long Can we SURVIVE??

When faced with a survival situation, clean drinkable water is often the most important consideration. People have survived without food for weeks or even months, but go without water for even just one day and the survivor will be in desperate straights indeed.
Knowing that water is by far the most important nutrient for the human body (besides oxygen) and, in particular, during a survival situation when finding potable water may not be easy, the question becomes – just how long can the human body survive without adequate water?
To maintain a high level of health and efficiency even in ideal environments, a minimum of two quarts of clean water per day per person is the generally accepted rule of thumb. In very hot or cold or very dry environments, or if you are physically active, two quarts of water a day may not be enough to sustain life over a period of days or weeks.
Water lost through sweating and normal respiration must be replaced in order to stay healthy and function at top efficiency. Water is also needed to process the food you eat, especially if it is salty or you eat heavy foods like meat

What if there is no WATER?

Water is LIFE!!! but we are using it so much without CONTROL...
it is urgent to change this way of acting!!!! Come on guys.....
                                                   HERE ARE THE VIDEO..ENJOY!

we are Water...:)

See..the topic look great right? Act this is statement from the campaign save the water....
Water is everything to us, without we realize how important it is until we lost it..
                                         AM I RIGHT??

Let us think!!! HOUSE but dont have water..emmm how our daily life could be??
i am suffer enough just to THINK about this..
so what about YOU as a water consumer???? Do you CARE???


WE ARE WATER Foundation is a foundation incorporated in Barcelona, by means of a public deed granted on 23 June 2010 before the Notary Public Mr. Javier GarcĂ­a Ruiz (deed number 2199), with registered office at Avda. Diagonal, 513, 08029 Barcelona, holder of Tax Identification number G65366981 and registered in the Registry of Foundations of Generalitat de Catalunya. The articles of incorporation of the foundation can be obtained at the Foundation's registered office.

Water Foundation has been created with two key goals in mind. The first is to promote awareness and encourage debate among the public and organisations on the need to create a new culture for water, to enable the equitable development and sustainable management of the world's water resources.
The second is to carry out a whole host of actions to counter the negative effects of the lack of adequate water resources. The foundation is involved in infrastructure, education, health and research activities concentrated in the most deprived areas of the world.
The foundation's fields of activity include involvement in infrastructure, education, health and research, concentrated in the world's most deprived areas.

My 1st task!!!!

special night and it is the right time for me to review all of my passion 
PASSION??? what's that??? (powerful felling in doing something!!! that its)
1 sem struggling for all the studio work....
now this is time for me to show some of them by queue

so here are my 1st project :::::

This is just a front page of our group project!!! :)


Kuala Muda is a small fishing village located at the mouth of Sungai Muda, in Kedah.

Challange to M'sia :: Water Sustainability

Challenges to Malaysia::water sustainability

Future of Malaysia water,there is either TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE & INACCESSIBLE water to meet the needs of our nation in 2020.

critical factors::population growth:::::economic growth:::::::climate change::::